Imminent Red,
Azteck photo competition winner by Roz


Azteck believes that if your offices are in the countryside, you should participate in and contribute to the countryside.

Very unusually Azteck has purchased some waste ground and has an on-going conservation project. Work has included: environmentally managing 1,000's of tonnes of rubble (with no off site movements) and landscaping. Associates have created a native broadleaf woodland of over 400 trees.



1945: Trooper and other shire horses who stabled in Azteck’s offices

Azteck has established a flock of rare Soay sheep. They represent 2% of surviving registered stock in the world, (there are twice as many Giant Pandas). Soays are valued for genetic characteristics such as lean flavoursome meat and natural hardiness. As small light-of-foot livestock they are very good for land restoration and wild flower meadow development.

Azteck's offices are a C.19 Cotswold stone barn. There are many cheaper premises available, but few more rewarding. The conservation programme is underway.

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