Delivery Methods

Azteck delivers benefit to the client through Consultancy, Interim Management & Management Development.

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We have the resources (numerical and technical) to take on large and demanding tranches of work and will, as appropriate, work with a client for days, weeks or years.



Each delivery vehicle has advantages. All three share a crucial factor:

When you appoint Azteck to work with you, you are asking us to focus on an issue, to get stuck in and not to let go until the issue has been fully developed / resolved etc.
Unlike staff, we have the luxury of being able to concentrate on one issue and not to get distracted by day-to-day operational matters. This focus leads to quick and cost effective results.

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There need not be demarcation between the 3 styles; jointly we will select the best and most appropriate elements of each delivery style to ensure the most effective package for you.

Learn about Aztecks unique TIPO process, ( article ).

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