Azteck's greatest CR impact is through the implementation of advice at clients.

Benefit Through Clients


  • increasing production yield from 40% to 85% has a huge impact on consumption, ( case study )
  • reducing pre-printed stationery by £1,000 a month, ( case study )
  • an integrated shop floor management system saved over 100 paper forms a day (and the effort of filling them in),
    ( case study )

  • developing techniques and then training 1,000s of delegates in Health & Safety,
    ( case study )
  • halving the number of components, ( case study )
  • developing induction programmes and pictorial multi-lingual work instructions for a client with staff from 34 ethnic groups, ( case study )

  • reducing the number of customer complaints by 85% (each complaint represents waste), ( case study )
  • developing a rechargeable battery that outlives its 'host' electronic device,
    ( case study )



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