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Azteck's expertise covers:

Azteck's Services and Business Expertise

TIPO Process

The TIPO process and the underlying intuition took some 25 years to develop. It delivers
improvements and is incredibly flexible. It is borne of hands-on experience; not the ability to recite buzz words.

Business Strategy & Revitalisation

Benchmarking, auditing and development of business strategies for success and growth. The special considerations of family owned businesses. Facilitation of business analysis.

Senior Team Development

Selecting and honing the right team, succession planning, techniques for coaching and action learning and training & development. We have a special affinity with Family Businesses.

Manufacturing Improvement

Manufacture-to-specification, on-time, Improve yield, Reduce costs, Automation, adaptation and transfer of technology, next generation products, supply chain development and project management.

Converting Research & Development to Product

Considerable expertise in the manufacturing processes required for new product development. Scale - Up, Productisation. Your innovation + our manufacturing expertise. You have world products we developed for manufacture.

Business Infrastructure & Quality Systems

Aliviating growing pains, examining integrated quality systems, identifying and implementing appropriate information systems.

Business Process Reengineering

Employing 'Keep it Simple' methodologies, adopting the correct information systems, task automation, integrating processes and adoption of paperless processes.

Systems and Databases

Encouraging a user focus; when to use and how to implement bespoke solutions; developing specialist applications using Filemaker Pro or Excel. Our starting point is the need, not the solution.

Complience to Regulation, Standards & New Techniques

Identifying and cherry picking the best bits, meeting world class aspirations, adopting lean & re-engineering processes, introducing and updating quality systems, a considered approach to health & safety, CE marking & other product standards and practical implementation of regulations & standards.

Project Management

Rescuing failing and out of control Projects. Delivering Interim project management. Training project managers.

Expert Witness

Providing the legal-technical interface. Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Experts. Dispute Resolution. Professional laboratory services and assistance in choosing an expert.

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