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The Tipo Process - Troubleshooting



Troubleshooting and Analysis draw success from classic techniques such as Value Stream Analysis and Cause & Effect Diagrams.

But, frankly, nothing beats a nose for trouble, instinct .... and experience.

It is worth reflecting that if you ask us to solve a problem, the chances are that your colleagues have already tried.

Therefore a successful troubleshooter needs: vast experience - across several fields, a particular approach (from a different starting point), a certain mindset, and time to focus on the problem.

This is what we offer - expect us to be hands-on.


"Afterwards I commented: I don't know what you did, but before you came we had a major problem; now it is solved. This is more of a compliment than it may appear: Nic did not make a fuss, he did not seek to take the credit, indeed he knew little about chemistry, but

Azteck's work was an object lesson in troubleshooting;
Nic was the essential catalyst in finding the problem;
He identified the problem process within a day;
His inquiries lead to finding a subtle change in a raw material;
and from there we developed the chemistry to accommodate the material change".
Colin Arlott, Director & General Manager, City Technology Ltd.
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