Business Strategy & Revitalisation

Business Strategy and Revitalisation

Azteck's approach to Business Strategy and Revitalisation is comprehensive and thorough: avoiding flashy techniques and working with senior stake-holders to achieve stronger profit and performance.

We understand how frustrating it can be at the top. We focus our relationship on advice, catalysing, facilitation and support.

Benchmarking and Auditing

Benchmarking seeks to understand the position relative to comparative businesses. Auditing, examines existing processes and looks for successes to strengthen and vulnerabilities to improve.

Strategy for Success

Azteck facilitates the creation of comprehensive strategy statements and objectives. Mission Statements may be appropriate and Corporate Values are a hugely under utilised tool. Azteck does not hand-down a strategy, we unlock the strategy already within you.

Growing Pains

Essential in Azteck's approach is, after working with very senior staff, we work closely with operational staff to together create a simpler and more profitable business that everyone will buy in to.

Family Businesses

We have a strong team of professionals, each with considerable experience of family businesses, (often founded on their own experiences). We quickly understand the family relationships; who is involve? who wants to be involved? the expectations?.

The Facilitation Processes

Our breath of experience and expertise allow us to cross-fertilise Best Practice from other industries and sectors. Often, we facilitate workshops to develop and simplify the way forward, we analyse, we innovate, we communicate and implement all while keeping it simple and cost effective.

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