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Senior Team Development for Businesses


Senior Team Development is at the heart of successful businesses.

Successes often go unnoticed; equally, people might be blissfully ignorant of disastrous appointments while the company and individuals are damaged forever.


The Right Team

We build teams of members that are 'different, but complimentary', each contributing expertise and personality traits to form a strong and effective team.

Succession Planning

Our Human Resources HR experts work with you to assess who will be right for a role and how someone will develop.

Family Businesses

Family Businesses offer particularly sensitive Team Development challenges. The obvious answers might be extraordinarily damaging for all concerned. One way of discovering is to destroy the individual and the business for 15 years: the other way is to engage Azteck's experts. See also the Family Business section within Business Strategy & Revitalisation.

Coaching and Action Learning

Coaching, Azteck style, provides confidential support and knowledgeable council for senior staff who may be feeling that they have no-one to turn to.

Action Learning may be an extension where debriefing provides poignant learning experiences; or may be a facilitated programme, again confidential.

Training and Development

We have programmes designed and delivered as open programmes; for any delegate. We also customise and develop from scratch to address specific needs within an organisation. Our training is based on experience.

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