TIPO, Technique for Interactive Process Design


TIPO: Technique for Interactive Process Design



Developed by Azteck, the TIPO process provides a framework while preserving flexibility in our work.



structured enquiry and analysis.


we innovate, but above all, we stimulate innovation.

Project Management:

many advisors' impact is limited to their report. We deliver value; we implement.

Operational Handover:

the smooth transfer of ownership and new skills to your business.

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"The extraordinary thing about Nic is that while we were at the pinnacle on a world stage and he started knowing nothing about our business or products, he helped us to take our achievements as a starting point and extend them again and again."
Atif Mirza, Group Technical Director. Read full testimonial.


Whether a New Product, a Business Process, a Manufacturing Process, a Management Team, TIPO sets out a simple and flexible approach that delivers results beyond a report. Do you want to buy a report or implement an improvement?

Compeling evidence of Azteck's contribution through the TIPO process is Atif's testimonial, in which he says 'I have rarely come across anyone who contributes so much.' - we must be doing something worthwhile. Read Atif's testimonial

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