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These days, businesses trade in globally competitive markets. In this environment, only the application of the very best technical and managerial acumen is good enough to ensure a sustainable business advantage.

Consultants are experienced specialists who work on projects tailored to the particular needs of clients and their businesses. They focus their expertise on specific objectives and on achieving added value. The use of consultants is a cost effective, efficient and convenient way to improve business and technical performance.

Experience and Expertise

Azteck's associates have enviable track records of contribution both in employed careers and now as independents. Working as an independent for 20 years, combined with a hunger for learning leads to a powerful portfolio of experience and expertise. When a consultant works with you they bring an inspiring mix of this experience and their understanding that your business is different, with its field of expertise. Experience combined with respect and energy is very powerful.

Working with Azteck has the great advantage that we can select a consultant with the right expertise for your needs. A sole trader consultant might struggle with this and might be tempted to take on work where they have little expertise. If we do not have the expertise, we will tell you and will help you find someone who has.

Classically, consultancy is delivered in a package of n days. It would be unusual for client's staff to report to a consultant, though the consultant will work with many.

Project Management

Consultants deliver benefit through expert advice. The output may be a report or presentation to the Board. The risk is that the advice is not implemented. Unusually, we have the resource to project manage and implement our recommendations. Clients often ask us to continue to work for 1, 2, 3 days per week to ensure effective implementation and delivery of the benefits.


There can be few stronger testimonials to the benefit of Aztecks services than to say that:

2 clients have taken over 450 days consultancy (1 taking nearly 600);
8 clients have taken over 100 days.

Of course, we are happy to work for a few days.


Consultants: inside the Team, experienced, expert and focused; No on-going employment liabilities.

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