For many reasons, businesses become distressed:


  • Excess Costs and Cash Flow problems;
  • Crisis with the Bank;

  • Market Share / Globalisation;

  • Production / Service delivery may be haemorrhaging Time and Money;
  • The Energy has gone / Mistakes are being made too often;
  • Product Failure / Recall;

  • The Infrastructure may be stretched to breaking point;
  • Reporting systems fail to provide a clear picture;

  • The business demands have Outgrown some Staff;

  • Productivity, Customer Satisfaction, or Financial Performance may be a major Brink of abyssconcern.

Azteck brings to these situations a considerable wealth of experience - we specialise in them. You are not alone; with a little investigation the route forward will become clear.

Most powerfully our support need not stop at a report, in many situations we have the expertise and resources to implement a turn-around plan.

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