Expert Witness

Dispute ReolutionDispute Resolution shares many characteristics with Expert Witness work ( please see that section ). The defining differences are that the parties are probably at an earlier stage and we may be briefed to negotiate or act as mediators.

The brief often has an exploratory nature to it, ie: to find out whether the product did meet its specification or did fail; to gather independent factual evidence to support a position. As the work might lead to legal action, the same standards of probity must and will, be applied.

Business Orientated Technical Expertise

Business Orientated Technical Expertise

Play your cards from a position of strength

Disputes have several dimensions:

  • one party, perhaps both, may not fully understand the issues,
  • one party may mislead the other,
  • the facts may be unknown or obscure,
  • specifications, correspondence and agreements may have become confused.

Our objective is to uncover the facts, formulate an argument and reduce risk.
This may lead to an overpowering case and settlement or it could lead to 'damage limitation'.

Risk Management

Impartial, unemotional assessment of the facts makes the difference between commercial disaster and rewarding resolution, or perhaps a managed compromise. Proceeding with limited knowledge can lead to disaster. Whatever the blame or likely outcome we seek to manage risk.

"On sight of ... report, the supplier backed down and wrote £120,000 Credit Note."
                             Quoted, with permission, from a case study by Dr Mike Wade, Thank you.

Expertise with Investigation, ( details ).

Undiluted Expertise, ( details ).

Fields of Expertise, ( details ).

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