Logo for Crosby SarekWe are most grateful to Stephen for these kind words.  It was a great pleasure working for him and his team.

"Azteck, in the person of Nic Williamson, were involved with Crosby Sarek Ltd during the period October 1993 to March 1995.  During this time Nic made a powerful contribution to the Drakesway sites improvement initiatives.

Nic worked well with all members of my team, balancing well the need to both be part of that team but to view each project with a "fresh pair of eyes".  He interacted extremely well across all levels from shop floor to director and his expertise and enthusiasm won respect from all.

Nic worked across a wide range of projects in his time with us.  These ranged from complex process automation proposals and machine specifications to simple work station and packaging improvements.  He proved extremely capable right across the range of activities.  A key benefit was Nic's tenacity in challenging established procedures and his ability to persuade sometimes sceptical personnel of the viability and suitability of new methods and materials.

From projects implemented we expect savings of £124,000 p.a. against a cost outlay of £92.  Further savings in excess of £600,000 p.a. were identified all with paybacks of less than one year.

One of Nic's strengths was his ability to work with shop floor personnel unlocking the good ideas already there, adding his experience, helping them own the idea and switching them onto continuous improvement.

Throughout his time with us Nic was totally professional and reliable.  I have no hesitation in recommending Azteck and will of course be using them again for future consultancy requirements.”

Stephen T.J. Barron, Factory Manager, Crosby Sarek Ltd

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